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110_fangirl :: fiction by luminamon
fragglepornicon :: graphics by kyrakitty and airairo
tsukishine :: fiction by wrytersblock

blessingoflove :: world pop music rotation
jurban_uploads :: asian urban music sharing
presterpress :: fiction by sophiap

Welcome to mei_yanohi's media journal, meiMedia. Archived here will be my LJ icons, graphics/banners, and fiction writing, much of which may be fanfiction. Icons will consist of everything from music artists to movies to manga.

I do take requests. If you supply me with any image, I can make an icon or graphic. I am familiar with a large number of series, the ones I have the most material on being One Piece and Bleach. I cannot, however, animate a graphic. If you have any questions, please email me at pirate.in.pink@gmail.com


★ No hotlinking. Upload it to your own server. This is especially important for banners etc. since I am prone to rearranging my Photobucket account, and your links will break.

★ Credit is highly appreciated. I do not ask credit for the work I did on the graphics because making graphics is fun for me. I ask for credit so that people who see my graphics elsewhere can know where to come find more if they like what they see. Since this is the case, when you give credit, please be sure to give it to meimedia and not my personal journal.

★ Comments are also highly appreciated! They let me know if my designs are improving.

brush and texture credits:

77wordsradonendlessdeepquebellytiasirasya_17kizzmonmotjiconsjustmiStargazerxgraphicjunkieinnovativeblissthe_left_drawerthawicked_diversionbarstr7rxyanglrainharbourtender_colormagnetboyiconsresunikbriarrose_iconsdivine_desireshoegal_iconsglenclyderainsong9offbeat_upbeatwhitetombsensi_incantotipsiiconsangelfish_iconsShivika's Cornercooloringyukansnowjunkdejourerniemaycielo_griseveningwalkskybound2viceversuschocoakadaintybirdcdgsevtexpogitocaffeine_mindssixtysixheavensice_cubeddefective_storytender_venomhanako_lovelyurbanstrokes

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